How to Clear Email Search Results in Gmail

By Dan Ketchum

It only takes one click to clear your Gmail search results.
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Google's Gmail, a free, Web-based email system, supports features ranging from custom themes to video chat to Google Drive-powered file sharing. Underneath these flashy layers, it also has basic tools such as an email filing system, contact lists and a search function. Once you've used Gmail's search feature, clearing the results lets you start fresh with another search. Gmail also stores your past searches in your Google Web History, which you can choose to clear completely.

Step 1

Type your search keyword or keywords into the search bar at the top of your Gmail inbox. For instance, you can search for messages that contain specific words, such as “insurance” or “party,” or you can search by names or email addresses. Once you've entered your term, click the magnifying glass button to search. This brings you to a list of email messages containing your search terms.

Step 2

Click any of the options on your Gmail sidebar -- including “Inbox,” “Sent Mail,” “Drafts,” or “Spam” -- to go to that section of your Gmail account. This action instantly clears your search results, allowing you to keep using Gmail for other purposes or enter a new search term in the search bar.

Step 3

Check the box next to any email that results from your search and then click on the delete button, represented by the trashcan icon, to delete that email. To clear all of the search results by way of deletion, check the empty select box at the top of your Gmail account to select all of the results, then click the delete button to delete them all at once.

Step 4

Visit your Google Web History (see link in Resources) to clear the history, including your past email searches. You may be required to re-enter your Google account username and password. Click on the gear icon and then select “Search history.” Click the link that says “Delete all” and then click the “Delete all” button to confirm your choice.