How to Clear Adult Sites From Your Browser

By Editorial Team

Updated July 21, 2017

If you have need to remove your browser history or wish to prevent a minor from viewing certain material, you need to empty your browser of all inappropriate material.

Delete your browser history. This is generally found in your browser settings. The browser history lists every website you have visited in a set time period. If you wish, you can alter the browser settings to change the time period your computer will store your history. This can also be found in your Internet options.

Delete the temporary internet files. These can be found in their own directory. Find it by using the search feature, or they can be deleted using most browsers' delete feature. The temporary Internet file folder should also contain cookies, which can be deleted manually or by the "delete cookies" command. You might wish to delete the cookies manually as this will allow you to choose any that you might want to save.

Complete the removal of data by downloading a browser cleaning program. While the browser cleaning removes most of the data, some pieces remain. To remove those pieces you will need a third-party program. These programs will delete things that are left over because of either a faulty delete feature or because the browser isn't deleting them for another specific reason.

Prevent adult sites from leaving evidence on your computer in the future by adjusting your browser settings for the maximum security level, or by downloading a program that will prevent websites from leaving material on your computer that you do not authorize.