How to Clean Your Windows Computer Registry for Free

by Contributor

Windows computers have a registry that calls up programs and actions when you are using the computer. This background process gets "dirty" and slows down the computer. Cleaning the registry speeds things up. Several programs do this automatically, and my favorite is the freeware CCleaner.

Head to and click on the download link to get the program. Make sure to get the latest version.

Run the Windows installer and select all default settings. When installing, beware of the toolbar that the program will offer to install. Select "no" or you will be given a little browser "crapware" that you do not want.

Right click on the "recycling bin" on the desktop once CCleaner is installed. Open the program from the drop-down menu. Click on the "registry" icon to get to the registry cleaning screen.

Click on "Scan For Issues" and fix all selected issues. If you are worried about any damage to your registry, you are given the option to back it up first. Once all are fixed, you are done.


  • check Run the program regularly to ensure your computer runs at top condition


  • close Never pay for this program, it is free from the publisher. Any offer to pay is not from the site that created the program
  • close Make sure to select no when prompted to install any toolbars

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