How to Clean Up Computer Errors for Free

By Greyson Ferguson

There seem to be as many errors a program can undergo as actual actions performed. Because of the wide range of issues, it is important to have a program that can fix a wide range of issues. Glary Utilities, which is available as a free download, can perform most, if not all, of the error corrections a computer will see. From fixing the registry to removing adware and optimizing the operating system, Glary Utilities can do it all.

Click on the Free Glary Utilities Download link in the Resources section below.

Click the large green "Download Now" button. This will bring up a new window, asking if you'd like to save the file. Click "Save File." The file will now begin to download to the computer.

Select either the desktop icon or the icon in the "Downloads" pop-up window. Click "OK" when asked if you'd like to open the program, and then "Run" when asked if you would like to run the program. This will now launch the "Glary Utilities Installation Wizard."

Follow the steps in the installation wizard to complete the setup. The actual installation will only take a moment or two. Once this has completed, you can launch Glary Utilities by double-clicking the desktop icon. Navigate through the program to select what part of the computer you'd like to optimize or what kind of error you would like to fix. If you're not sure, you can perform a full system status, which will search the registry for errors, list all Internet files that don't need to be on the computer, look for adware and unnecessary icons on the desktop.