How to Clean a Speaker Grill Cloth

By Kurt Erickson

Speaker grill cloths can be quickly cleaned with a vacuum cleaner.
i gray fabric image by Dmitry Grishin from

Stereo speakers are typically wood or plastic boxes with speaker components on the inside. For decoration and to keep dust and other particles from settling on the actual speakers, manufacturers often place cloth grills on the front. These grills can become a magnet for dust, pet hair and other debris common in most homes. Many speaker grill cloths are mounted on a frame that can be removed from the speaker. Although this makes it easier to clean, it is not necessary in most instances.

Place the furniture brush attachment on the hose of your vacuum cleaner. Lightly vacuum the outside of the speaker cloth to remove dust. Wipe down the cloth with a dry towel.

Attack stubborn pet hair or other large pieces of dbris by rolling a lint or pet hair roller over the speaker cloth.

Remove stains by gently rubbing a slightly damp cloth on the stained area. Make sure not to allow water to seep into the speaker components. On speakers in which the speaker grill can be detached, remove the grill, work on the stain and allow it to dry before reattaching it to the speaker.

Blast away any remaining dust particles with a can of compressed air.