How to Clean the Sony Bravia Screen

By Brad Harris

Using rough towels or washcloths could permanently scratch your screen.
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No matter how beautiful your Sony Bravia’s display is, particles of dust, hair, fingerprints and smudges will eventually erode the quality of the image it shows. When cleaning the screen, take proper care to avoid damaging your display. The wrong types of cloth and cleaning solutions can cause tiny scratches and discoloration that eventually ruin this delicate piece of technology. The correct process is not difficult and requires little expense.

Cleaning the Screen

Step 1

Hold a can of compressed air at least 3 inches away from the display, upright and at 45-degree angle to the screen. Depress the nozzle and move the can, removing large dust particles from the screen. Be careful not to blow particles into any part of the equipment.

Step 2

Wet half of your cotton cloth with either LCD cleaning solution or water. Cleaning solution contains isopropyl alcohol, which helps to break down greasy fingerprints and smudges more readily than water does, but both are effective for cleaning the screen.

Step 3

Gently wipe down the Bravia’s display until all fingerprints and smudges have been removed.

Step 4

Use the dry end of your cloth to wipe away excess moisture.