How to Clean Up My Registry Using Norton 360

By James Stone

Norton 360 protects you from online identity theft, keeps your PC running smoothly and secures your important files. The Task section in Norton 360 gives you the opportunity to back up files, restore files, create diagnostic reports, edit start up processes, scan your computer for viruses or spyware and clean the registry. The registry cleanup consists of a quick scan of unwanted entries (from uninstalled software or spyware), incorrectly entered values or missing values. Once you perform a scan Norton 360 gives you a complete overview of the actions it applied.

Open Norton 360. Click "Start" and then click "All Programs." Click the "Norton 360" folder and then click the "Norton 360" application shortcut. The main window of Norton 360 displays on screen.

Click the "Tasks" tab and then click the "Run Registry Cleanup" option under the "PC Tuneup Tasks" section. The "Scanning" window displays on screen. Let Norton 360 finish the scan.

Click the "Finish" button after viewing the results once the scan is complete. Click the "Close" button in the right hand corner of Norton 360 to close the application.