How to Clean a Printer Fuser

By Elizabeth Chaplin

A fuser roller is found in all laser printers. The fuser is necessary for creating permanent pictures and text on laser copy paper. When printing, the powdered toner is put onto the paper. The paper then travels through the fuser, which is made up of a heat-roller and a backup roller. The rollers produce heat and pressure, melting the toner and creating a permanent printout on the paper. In order for your laser printer to work properly, the fuser must be cleaned on a weekly basis. This will avoid buildup such as dust, chads (card hold aggregate debris) and paper pieces.

Let the printer cool, since the fuser rollers can become very hot after use.

Open the appropriate printer door that leads to the fuser rollers.

Wipe away any excess fuser oil using a soft cloth. When the printer is in use, fuser oil may leak onto other surfaces inside the printer. Do not wipe the fuser rollers with the cloth.

Use the hose attachment on a vacuum cleaner to remove any debris from around and on the fuser rollers. If necessary, use a thin, pointed nose attachment to reach tight spaces.

Close the fuser door.