How to Clean Out the History in a Hard Drive

by Randall Shatto

When you visit Websites, it leaves a history on your hard drive. If you share you computer with other people in your home or use a shared computer, you may wish to have some privacy. Anyone that works on the computer can view recent Websites. If you are viewing information or downloading files that you wish other people would not see, clearing your history after every use is important.

Click on the "Start Menu" button on the lower left-hand corner of your screen. Choose "Control Panel." A list of icons will appear in a new window.

Scroll through the icons. Locate "Internet Options." The icon for this choice is a world with a paper revealing check marks and lines. Double click the icon to begin cleaning out the history in your hard drive.

View the tabs on the top of the pop up screen. The "General" tab should already be up. Look through the options.

Find "Browsing History." This option allows you to change history settings and clean out the history from your recent Websites. Click on the "Delete" button under "Browsing History."

Choose the third choice from the top of the new pop up window, "History." Click on the "Delete History" button. Another window will appear. You should then select "Yes." This is a warning that you are about to delete the history. It is asking if you are sure you want to do so.


  • check Clean out the history in a hard drive after every use. Each Website that you visit will be viewable in the history as soon as you enter the Website. The concept of cleaning out the history in a hard drive is the same for all Windows platform.

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