How to Clean Out Cookies on eMachines

by Richard Kalinowski

EMachines computers are popular primarily because of the brand's low price. Selling for as little as $400, these computers are packed with all the necessities for basic word processing, web browsing and even moderate 3-D gaming. Unfortunately, eMachines computers are plagued with cumbersome stock settings; chewing up available hard drive space and making the PC run more slowly than it should. Luckily, one stock feature that can be easily adjusted is the cookies on your eMachine. Clean out your cookies folder to free up space and keep your eMachines PC in tip-top shape.

Open Microsoft Internet Explorer, the default web browser installed on your eMachine. Click Tools > Internet Options. This will open a new window.

Click "Delete" underneath the Browsing History heading. This will bring up a new window with additional options. Click "Delete Cookies," typically the second button on the list of deletion options. After cleaning the offline cookies from your eMachine, you can adjust your settings to manage cookies better in the future.

Click "Close" to return to the previous Internet Options window. Click "Settings" beneath the Browsing History heading; this will bring up a new window with additional options.

Adjust the amount of disk space allocated for Temporary Internet Files by keying in a value in the "Disk Space to Use" field. Temporary Internet Files include a large number of cookies, so if you lower the amount of space allocated for Temporary Internet Files, you will house fewer cookies between clean ups. Click "OK" to confirm the changes.

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