How to Clean MacBook Pro Keyboard With Vacuum

by Brandon Getty

Your MacBook Pro goes with you everywhere, including the office, school and the library. While traveling to these places, you might stow your MacBook in a messenger bag or on the passenger seat of your car. No matter where you go or how you pack your Mac, the flat inner keyboard is always susceptible to dust and debris. Though air blowers or compressed air is recommended for basic cleanup, small handheld vacuums can be used to suck out the tough, deep dust in between and below the keys.

Step 1

Open the shell of your MacBook Pro. Push the screen back so that you have full access to the keyboard.

Step 2

Turn off the power of the computer completely. Also disconnect the power adapter from the side of the computer as a safety precaution.

Step 3

Set your handheld vacuum, or your larger floor vacuum, to its lowest setting. If you are using a hose attached to a larger floor vacuum, attach the fibrous brush attachment to the end of the hose. This will help protect your keys from the hard plastic of the hose.

Step 4

Hold the small vacuum about half an inch above the keyboard and make straight, slow passes across each row of keys. If you are using the fibrous hose attachment, feel free to pass over the keys with it for maximum dust suction.

Continue dusting until the entire keyboard is clean. You might clean stray dust particles from the screen and other parts of the computer's body using the same technique.


  • If your computer is extremely dirty inside and out, bring it to your nearest Apple retailer or computer repair establishment for a consultation.
  • Always close your MacBook's shell when it is not in use to prevent the collection of dust. When traveling, store the computer in a sealed, padded carrying case.


  • Do not use a medium or high setting on your vacuum, as the force can dislodge sensitive internal components.
  • Never attempt these steps while the computer is powered on, as it presents an electrical hazard. It might also cause permanent damage to the computer.

Items you will need

  • Small handheld vacuum
  • Vacuum hose
  • Fibrous brush attachment

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