How to Clean a Lenovo Laptop Screen

by Ryan Casima
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Lenovo laptop screens use LCD technology. LCD screens are not made out of glass. Rather, they are made out of a soft plastic that can be easily damaged; this is why LCD screens make a "watery" image around your finger when you press on them. Although cleaning an LCD screen seems like a simple task, it requires some knowledge of what materials should be used. For example, paper towels can damage the LCD screen, whereas a cotton cloth will not.

Step 1

Take the soft cotton cloth and wet it with the solution until it is damp. Do not make the cloth too damp so that the mixture does not drip onto the laptop.

Step 2

Unplug your [Lenovo]( laptop from any power source and make sure it is completely turned off.

Step 3

Take the damp cloth and, using very light force, wipe the LCD screen of your laptop in a circular motion. Be sure to clean the corners out as well.

Check the laptop screen for any dirt or dust that did not come off. If there is any, wipe it off again.


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