How to Clean a Laptop Screen with Alcohol

by Ryan Bauer

Over time, laptop screens collect dust, dirt and smudges that distort an otherwise clear picture. Harsh household cleaners could potentially damage the screen, causing many people to use plain tap water. However, water by itself doesn't clean well when compared to commercial glass cleaners. Here is a safe, easy and fast way to clean the display using rubbing alcohol. To ensure clear picture quality, clean the screen on a regular basis.

Moisten one end of a soft, lint-free cloth with rubbing alcohol, then apply the same amount of tap water. The cloth should be lightly moistened with half rubbing alcohol and half water. Avoid getting the other end of the cloth wet, so it can be used to dry the screen after it has been cleaned.

Wipe the screen with the damp end of the cloth. Start with one end of the screen, and using small, overlapping circles, clean the entire screen. Use only very gentle pressure, since pressing too hard could potentially damage the display. Pay extra attention to any spots that are difficult to remove, but don't use substantial pressure to clean them.

Dry the screen with the other end of the cloth by wiping side-to-side across the entire length of the display. Inspect the screen from all angles to make sure the screen is thoroughly dry. If any visible spots remain, repeat the cleaning process.


  • check Allowing tap water to dry on the screen will leave behind water spots that are difficult to remove.


  • close Always turn off the laptop before cleaning the screen.

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