How to Clean a Kindle

By Andrew McClain

Periodically cleaning your Kindle will make it easier to read and help it run more efficiently.
i Spencer Platt/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Your Amazon Kindle can serve you well for many years, if you take proper care of it. Keep it in a case. Do not drop it in the bathtub, and periodically, you should take time to clean the device, particularly the screen. The newer Kindle models, the Kindle Touch and Fire, are susceptible to smudges and dirt from your fingers as you swipe them across the screen. The casing and buttons also get smudged up after a lot of use. Cleaning your Kindle will not only make it look nicer, it will also help it respond to your commands more quickly.

Step 1

Press and hold the power button on your Kindle until it deactivates. This will help you prevent accidental deleting or changing of content and settings while you wipe the screen and buttons.

Step 2

Remove your Kindle from its case, if you have one. While the case protects your Kindle from scratches and breaks, removing it will make cleaning the Kindle a lot easier.

Step 3

Wipe the screen with the soft cloth. Gently rub at any smudges until they are gone.

Step 4

Spray the cloth with the cleaning solution. Spraying the cloth will help keep spots of the cleaning solution from marking the screen and keep it from getting inside the Kindle.

Step 5

Wipe the body of the Kindle until you no longer see any dirt or smudges.

Step 6

Place the Kindle back in its case.