How to Clean HP LaserJet Printer Rollers

by Amy Lukavics

HP laserjet printers are amazing computer appliances that can print full pages almost instantly, as opposed to an inkjet printer that prints the page line by line. If you do not regularly clean the printer and printer rollers, the machine will not function at its best and can possibly become damaged. By cleaning the rollers, you are avoiding the chance of paper jams or snags and ensuring that the printer performs optimally.

Run a lint-free cloth under water to soak it. Wring the cloth out to remove as much moisture as possible, leaving the cloth damp.

Face the front of the printer from behind it so that you can look down into the paper feed. Insert the dampened lint-free cloth into the paper feed.

Press the button on your printer that forces the paper to feed through the rollers. This is the same button you push to release the paper when there is a jam. The rollers will pull the dampened lint free cloth through and clean themselves with it.

Repeat the process a few times, making sure to cover all of the rollers.


  • close Don't use alcohol or any sort of computer cleaner in the place of water; doing so will dry the rollers out and could cause damage.

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