How to Clean a Hard Drive of Viruses

by Randall Shatto

Viruses are damaging to your computer. They can cause major shutdowns and sluggish load times and steal information from your hard drive. When you have a virus, the Internet may load slowly or not work at all. Fortunately, you do not need to purchase special equipment or applications to clean a hard drive of viruses: Free programs are available to use. You should always have some type of anti-virus program on your computer, just in case.

Download the AVG Anti-Virus program by following the link in Resources. This application has a free version that is for personal use. Click on the "Download Now" link. With a DSL or cable modem, this will take approximately 20 minutes. Save the file to your folder.

Install AVG by double-clicking on the file. Choose your language and select "Next." Read the agreement and click "Accept" twice. The program will install.

Open the application from "Programs," then click "AVG Free 8.0" and finally "AVG Free User Interface." On the right-hand side, choose "Update." You will be automatically logged on to the AVG website and all update files will be downloaded.

Click "Computer Scanner" on the right-hand side of the AVG program. Choose "Scan Whole Computer." Wait while the application scans the computer for viruses. This may take approximately 2 to 4 hours depending on the speed of your PC.

Delete any viruses that you may have. AVG will show a list of viruses, spyware and other harmful files on your hard drive. Choose to remove all of the files.

Go to the Trend Micro HouseCall website by following the second link in Resources. This is an extra free online application that can clean a hard drive of viruses; use it along with AVG. HouseCall will remove the viruses that are still present on your PC. (To use this application, you will need either Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox.)

Click on the link in red: "Click Here For FREE Scan!" On the next page, click the "Get HouseCall Free Scan" button. Accept the terms of use by clicking in the box.

Wait for the scan to complete. This should take approximately 2 hours. You will receive a list of viruses, spyware and malware, as well as security risks to your Windows operating system. Click on all of the files you wish to remove, then click the "Clean Now" button.


  • check Running both anti-virus programs will that ensure that your hard drive is completely clean. When you download a file, especially from an unknown website, right-click on the application. Then select "Scan With AVG." This will protect your computer even further from viruses. Run AVG at least twice a week with HouseCall to keep your computer virus-free.


  • close HouseCall is not compatible with Windows Vista.

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