How to Clean a HandStands Sticky Pad

By Shelley Marie

HandStands manufactures a variety of electronic and automotive accessories. The HandStands Sticky Pad is used to hold items -- such as your keys, phone, Mp3 player, or coins -- in place, on your dashboard, so you have quick access to them while driving. The soft gel material grips onto your dashboard -- and any items placed on it -- without adhesives. Clean your HandStands sticky pad regularly with common household products to remove spills, dirt or residue and keep its grip strong.

Step 1

Remove the sticky pad from your dashboard. Hold it on one corner, and gently peel it off.

Step 2

Dampen a cloth with warm water, and wring it out. Apply two drops of dish soap to the cloth, and wipe both sides of the sticky pad.

Step 3

Rinse the sticky pad with cool water to remove soap residue.

Step 4

Allow the sticky pad to air dry completely, before using it.