How to Clean a Fax Machine

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Dust. Paper. Dirt. Dried ink. These are all enemies of your fax machine. You need to be able to clean your machine. You cannot just use the garden hose to clean it! Here is how to clean a fax machine.

Give your machine a once over. Examine the machine. Do you see anything that looks dirty or dusty? Do you see any paper stuck anywhere?

Unplug the machine. This is only for the first part of the cleaning process. You will need to plug it in again to complete the cleaning process.

Use canned air. Canned air can be bought at most office supply stores. Use this to blow out all the dust and loose dirt that is sitting in the machine.

Use a lint free cloth. Wipe everything down that you can touch on the outside of the machine. There may be dust balls on the bottom as well, so get rid of those too.

Plug the machine back in. Get out the owner's manual. The manual will be able to help you with the next few steps.

Run the self clean function for the print cartridge. Each model of fax machine is different, so you will need to consult your manual on this. The clean function will get rid of the dried ink on the cartridge heads.

Remove the ink cartridges from the fax machine. You can wipe them down in addition to the self clean functions. Use a clean lint free cloth and wipe it all down. Replace the cartridge.

Get a scanner head cleaning sheet. You can run this through the machine and clean the scanning head. This is important and you can check the Internet or look at your local store too.


  • check Use the Internet to get more information specific to your fax machine and how to clean it.
  • check If you don't have a lint free wipe, use a coffee filter! It is lint free and most people have them somewhere in their home.


  • close Never use water on the machine. Most sprays are dangerous for your fax machine, so beware.

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