How to Clean the DVD Player in a Xbox

By Andrew Tennyson

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The quickest and least intrusive way to clean your Xbox's DVD player is inserting an Xbox laser lens cleaning disc into the optical drive itself like you would a standard DVD. These discs typically cost less than $20 and feature tiny brushes designed to clean the DVD player's lens. If this method does not satisfactorily clean the DVD player you can disassemble the Xbox to clean the drive more thoroughly yourself.

Step 1

Disconnect the power cable and unplug any controllers, TV cables and other peripherals attached to the Xbox.

Step 2

Peel away the stickers on the bottom of the unit and remove the rubber feet to expose a series of six screws. Remove all six screws.

Step 3

Turn the Xbox upside down, grasp its case around the edges and gently lift it off.

Step 4

Remove the three screws used to fasten the DVD drive in place.

Step 5

Gently loosen the power cord attached to the motherboard, making sure not to touch the motherboard itself. When the cord is loosened, unplug the IDE cable from the DVD drive and lift it up out of the Xbox.

Step 6

Remove the four screws securing the DVD player into the tray. Two are located on the rear and two are located on the top about halfway between the front and back. Gently lift the top of the tray off and then flip the DVD player over and lift off the bottom tray, exposing the lens and mirror.

Step 7

Spray compressed air into the lens to remove dust and other particles that may be affecting its functionality.

Step 8

Dab one end of the cotton swab with a small amount of lens cleaning fluid and gently rub the lens and mirror. Use the dry end of the cotton swab to dry the lens and mirror.

Step 9

Refasten the DVD player into its trays and reassemble the Xbox, proceeding through the disassembly steps in reverse order.