How to Clean the Drum of an HP Laserjet 4200

By Nick Davis

Use a lint-free cloth to clean your HP 4200's drum.
i wrinkled cloth image by Roslen Mack from

Paper fragments, toner and dust collects on the various components inside of your Hewlett-Packard (HP) 4200 laser printer. The debris eventually soils the rollers in the printer as well as paper moving across the rollers. The drum is also not immune to debris collecting on its surface. The drum is part of your HP 4200's toner cartridge and works as one unit instead of two components. When cleaning the drum, you need to be careful not to damage the door and springs present on the drum.

Turn off your HP 4200 printer, if it is on.

Press the gray button on the top of the printer to open the toner cartridge door. Pull the toner cartridge gently from the printer using the handle on the cartridge. Place the cartridge on a flat surface.

Turn the cartridge upside and open the green hinged door, this is the paper access door. You will see a green roller inside of the toner cartridge, this is the drum.

Wipe the drum gently with a lint-free cloth. The drum is a roller and turns freely---turn the drum as you wipe it to remove debris from all sides of the unit.

Place the cartridge gently back in your printer. Close the access door and turn on your printer.