How to Clean Downloaded Video Files

By Greyson Ferguson

When you are downloading video files from the Internet, you will find that many are not great quality as they have audio problems and the video may look grainy. To fix this, you will need a specific video cleaning program that can patch and clean up these problems. Luckily there is a video cleaner that is free to download and is capable of cleaning up a wide variety of video formats.

Free Software

Follow the provided link in the Resources section to the River Past Video Cleaner Download page. This cleaner will be able to clean up any video file format you have.

Click "External Mirror 1" and the download will begin. Open the downloaded file once it has completed downloading. This will launch the installation wizard. Accept the license agreement and follow the remaining prompts to complete the installation.

Open the River Past Video Cleaner. Click "File," "Open." This will open a small search window. Select the video file you would like to clean.

Type a desired output file name and location where it says "Output." Select the type of file you have (such as "Mov," "WMV" or "MP4"). The program will begin to scan the video file and clean what it can. Depending on the size of the file, this process may take several minutes. When it has completed, you will be able to watch the new video and see how much it has improved the quality of the video.

Paid Software

Purchase any type of higher end video editing software such as Avid, Final Cut or to a lesser extent Pinnacle. These programs all offer a wide variety of different video editing options, including cleaning up the video quality.

Open up the software and import the video file. This can generally be done by clicking "File," "Import," or by clicking and dragging the video file into the editing program.

Open the effects panel on the video editing software. Select either color correction or image stability (among others) and drag the effect onto your video file. The color correction feature will allow you to adjust the color of the image, while the image stability option will slightly zoom into the image and focus in on a main point, which will remove any unnecessary camera shaking.

Render the video and the effect will be saved onto the video. Complete the video clean up process by exporting the file.