How to Clean a Dell Inspiron Keyboard

By Justin Obrien

Dell notebooks are portable devices that can be carried everywhere and used in all kinds of settings. Their keyboards tend to accumulate dirt and grime over time. A regular cleaning would be the first step to preventing keys from getting stuck or repeatedly typing the same letters. It would also prolong the life of your Dell Inspiron notebook. Maintenance is one cost-cutting measure that could save you unnecessary future repairs.

Lift the right corner of your notebook's hinge cover using a flat-blade screwdriver. Pry it loose from the notebook's base.

Remove the keyboard by unscrewing the two M2.5 x 5 mm screws located atop your keyboard. Fragile keycaps can easily be dislodged but are difficult to replace, so exercise care.

Rotate the keyboard slowly up and forward toward your display screen. You will see the keyboard connector below it. This has a delicate ribbon cable with a plastic bar.

Release the keyboard cable from its attachment to the keyboard connector.

Rotate the plastic bar of the keyboard connector forward toward the front of your display.

Detach the entire keyboard from the notebook's base.

Spray compressed air lightly on your keyboard to loosen debris from keys.

Wipe gently but thoroughly in between key slots and all plastic portions using a cotton swab dipped in rubbing alcohol. Avoid dampening any wire connections.

Reattach the whole keyboard after cleaning. Hook the tabs on the lower portion near the palm rest and gently press the right upper portion of your keyboard to snap it back into place. Firmly replace the two screws using the screwdriver.