How to Clean a CCTV Camera Lens

By George Lawrence J.D.

CCTV lenses are specially coated to prevent light reflection.
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Your home or business's security system is an investment: you put money into the system to keep your assets safe. If you have installed closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras around your home or business, then you know that they are worthless if the lens is smudged or dirty. A smudged or dirty lens distorts the picture quality and makes identification of any intruders almost impossible. Take care when cleaning your CCTV lens to avoid damaging its special coating that prevents light reflection.

Step 1

Use a can of compressed air and blow air at the lens to remove any loose dirt or debris. If your CCTV camera moves remotely to cover an area, you will need to shut off the power to the camera so that it does not move on you. You can spray the lens while the camera is mounted.

Step 2

Wipe the lens gently with a microfiber cloth available at an optometrist office or eye-wear store. These cloths are smooth and will not remove the special coating on the CCTV lens.

Step 3

Apply a small dab of CCTV cleaner to the microfiber cloth and gently wipe the CCTV lens. Check with your local security dealer for cleaner options. One option is C-Clear, a cleaner which fills in minor scratches, prevents fog as well as static. When choosing a CCTV cleaner, be sure to ask whether or not the solution will remove special coatings.

Step 4

Breathe onto the lens as an alternative to using CCTV cleaner and gently wipe it with the microfiber cloth. The moisture should be enough to remove smudges and dirt.