How to Clean the Cartridge for a Brother MFC-240C Printer

by Irene A. Blake

As ink releases from the Brother MFC-240C printer's four ink cartridges during printing, it can build up, splatter or dry in ways that cause it to clog the cartridges and printhead. When this happens, horizontal lines and blank spots will appear on printouts. You don't need to remove and manually clean the cartridges to improve print quality. The MFC-240C is designed with an electronic cleaning system that you can turn on via the printer console to clean only the black cartridge, only the cyan, magenta and yellow cartridges, or all four cartridges.

Turn on your Brother MFC-240C printer, if it's not already on, and press the "Ink" key on the console.

Scroll through the Ink menu options on the LCD with the up and down arrow keys until you highlight "Cleaning." Select it by pressing the "OK" key.

Highlight "Black," "Color" or "All" from the cartridge cleaning options, select the option with the "OK" key and then wait for the cleaning cycle to end as indicated by the printer returning to its Standby mode.

Access the Ink menu again and select "Test Print" from the options, select "Print Quality" and then press "Color Start" on the console to print out a print quality test sheet.

Review the pattern on the printout and answer the "Is Quality OK?" question displayed on the screen. If the printout looks good, select "1. Yes" on the display and then press "Stop/Exit" on the console to exit all menus and begin or continue your printing project. If the printout has lines or blank areas, select the "2. No" option.

Answer the questions about the cartridges. For example, when asked "Is Black OK?" select the "1.Yes" or "2. No" option. After, confirm that you want to repeat the cleaning cycle by answering yes or no, then press the "Color Start" key, wait for the cycle to run and then press "Color Start" again to print the test sheet and repeat the previous step.

Repeat the cleaning cycle as needed, up to at least five times. If the problem persists, call Brother for assistance at 877-276-8437.

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