How to Clean a Canon i960 Print Head

By Anneline Kinnear

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The print heads on Canon i960 InkJet printers can become clogged for several reasons. The most common issues are ink buildup over time, print heads that dry out because of infrequent use or ink cartridges that dry out. You can use several methods to clean the Canon i960 print head, both diagnostically and manually.


Before attempting to remove the print head and cleaning it manually, try the printer's self-cleaning diagnostic utility. Usually, a clogged print head on the Canon i960 can be resolved by using the printer's self-cleaning diagnostic tools.

Cleaning with Alcohol

If the self-cleaning utility doesn't clear the print head nozzles, soak a cotton swab in either isopropyl alcohol or a household solvent, such as Windex. Rub the cotton swab gently over the print head surface. The alcohol or solvent should dissolve the clogged ink. Wipe a clean, dry cotton swab across the print head surface. Run the printer's self-cleaning function once again. In most cases, this process will solve the problem.

Hot Water

If the print head remains clogged, remove the print head assembly. Fill a shallow bowl with scalding hot water. Immerse the print head and let soak for several hours or overnight. Rinse the print head in hot water until the running water is clear and clean. This process should flush out all clogged ink. Dry off the assembly carefully with a paper towel. Reinstall the print head.

Cleaning Kits

Obtain a print head cleaning kit. Several varieties are available, either from Canon or independent print head cleaning kit manufacturers. The kits usually consist of a bottle of solvent and a syringe to facilitate cleaning.