How to Clean HP Photosmart C4280 Inkjet Printer Nozzles

By Steven Symes

Use the printer's software to clean the cartridge nozzles.
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The HP Photosmart C4280, like HP's other Photosmart printers, uses ink jet technology to print both in color and black and white. If you notice the printer's print quality has become splotchy or spotty, you should clean the printer's nozzles. These nozzles spray tiny droplets of ink onto pages as they pass through the printer. Sometimes the droplets of ink dry and collect in the nozzles, blocking them partially or completely. HP's Solution Center software will clean the printer's nozzles, freeing them of any dried ink deposits.

Turn on your HP Photosmart C4280 and the attached computer. Wait for the printer to finish its warm-up procedures.

Click on "Start" on the computer's screen, then "All Programs." Find the folder labeled "HP" and click on "HP Solution Center."

Select the "Settings" tab in the Solution Center software. Hover the mouse over "Printer Settings" so a drop-down menu appears, then click on "Printer Toolbox" in the list.

Select the "Device Services" tab and click on the button labeled "Clean the Print Cartridges." If after one cleaning you are not satisfied with the print quality, click on "Clean Again" until you are pleased with the test page.