How to Clean the Bulbs on a Rear Projection TV

By Maxfield Carroll

A rear projection television can benefit from an internal cleaning
i home theater with big flat television panel image by Pavel Losevsky from

A projection TV needs clean, clear optical elements if it's going to provide a sharp, accurate picture. Although enclosed in a large cabinet, the parts of a television can still collect dirt and grease. Some simple cleaning and maintenance can extend the useful life of your set and save you money.

Turn the projection TV off, and unplug the power cord. Allow the internal parts to cool off.

Unscrew and remove the back cover of the TV. Take care when maneuvering the cover over the jack plate, and set it aside.

Locate the blue, green and red projection bulbs and lenses. They should be positioned below the screen at the front of the cabinet and facing the mirror. Use a microfiber cloth and an ammonia-free lens cleaner to wipe off any dust or debris. Work gently to maintain the alignment of the parts. Avoid touching anything with your bare hand, which can leave oils from your skin.

When all the dust and smudges are removed, replace the back cover and screw it on securely. Plug the TV in, and turn on the power. Align and adjust the picture quality to your taste.