Cidco SA60-A10 Caller ID Instructions

By Michael Wallace

The SA60-A10 is a caller ID unit manufactured by CIDCO. You connect the unit to your phone and when someone calls the name and number is displayed on the unit's LCD screen. This comes in handy if your home phone doesn't have a caller ID feature.

Step 1

Place the Cidco caller ID unit near your home phone, as well as near an available power outlet.

Step 2

Plug the small end of the included AC power cable into the circular port at the back of the unit. Plug the pronged end into the outlet.

Step 3

Unplug the phone cable from the wall jack and plug it into the input jack on the rear of the Cidco unit.

Step 4

Plug one end of the included phone cable into the output jack on the back of the Cidco unit. Plug the other end into the phone wall jack. When your phone rings the name and number of the person calling will be displayed on the LCD screen.