Christian PowerPoint Games

By Cynthia Tucker

Christian PowerPoint games help students participate.
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Christian PowerPoint games can add fun to any Christian gathering. Everyone from adults to children enjoy playing games. Whether at a party or in the classroom, Christian PowerPoint games make learning the Bible fun and help students to become more engaged in the learning process. PowerPoint games often require only access to Microsoft PowerPoint, a computer and, in some cases, a projector.

Icebreaker Games

When adults gather at a church function or Bible study class, it can be difficult to get them involved. Using Christian PowerPoint games as an icebreaker can lighten the atmosphere and make people feel more comfortable participating. Play a game at the beginning of the event to get people talking to one another. You might even offer small prizes for the winners.

Game Show Games

Watching game shows is a popular American pastime, and many game shows have been adapted into Christian games. Game shows such as Jeopardy, Wheel of Fortune, Family Feud, and Who Wants to be a Millionaire all have Christian counterparts. The games are often played just like the original game; the only difference is that the questions are taken from the Bible.

Children's Games

Children love play time. Christian PowerPoint games make it easy to combine play time and learning time. Children are more likely to learn if they are having fun. They will pay more attention to what the teacher is saying. PowerPoint games for children can be used as a teaching tool or simply to reinforce lessons that have already been taught.

Free or Purchased

Many websites offer Christian PowerPoint games for sale. Such websites include,, and Websites that offer free PowerPoint games include,, and When you download free PowerPoint games or purchase them, you can often customize them to suit your needs.

Create Your Own

Microsoft PowerPoint has many interactive features that allow you to create your own Christian PowerPoint games. You can make use of sounds, symbols, animation, menus and clip art to create the perfect game for your classroom or event. You can create your own questions and answers in your preferred format. If you are familiar with Visual Basic, you can use it to create a more sophisticated game. If you don't feel comfortable creating your own PowerPoint game from scratch, you can download a template to customize. Templates can be found at