How to Choose Photo Editing Software

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Just about everybody takes photos with digital cameras and photo enabled cell phones these days. For the photography enthusiast, photo editing software provides a means to enhance digital photos prior to printing them. While most digital photo products come equipped with such software, sometimes these lack the quality and features desired.


Evaluate your current digital camera features and photo editing software capability. Some cameras perform many editing functions internally. Consult with your camera manual for instructions. Give your current photo editing software a decent trial, and determine which features you do and don't like so you know what to look for in an upgraded software package.


Set a budget for digital photo editing software. A low-budget will eliminate many digital image products but don't despair, good photo editing software is available even for those on a tight budget. Additionally, consider online auctions, online classifieds and reseller websites for savings. Look for "academic software" versions if you are a student.


Determine the purpose of your photos and how you intend to display them, including print, digital photo frame or on the Web. If this is the primary household camera it is important that a photo editing software contains fixes for red eye, basic adjustments (brightness, contrast and hue) and solid print adjustments.


Decide how much effort you wish to put into navigating the photo editing software. Generally, the more features the product has the more of a learning curve the software requires. If you like a mainstream product but find it too complicated, look for a scaled down version the company may offer or seek an alternative.


Don't pay for unneeded features but recognize those which are important to you. To better organize your photos, select photo editing software that offers a "media manager." Enjoy special effects? Stick with leading manufacturers to accommodate photo special effects packages known as plug-ins.


Take advantage of trial versions of photo editing software before you make a purchase. The more photo software products you try the better your level of satisfaction will be. While you may fall in love with one product, a similar one may be available at a reduced cost or with better features.


Don't overlook open-source or free photo editing software. For simple photo editing, free "online photo editors" may be sufficient.

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