How to Check Yahoo! Email on Your Cell Phone

by Contributor

Today's cell phones are more connected than ever, and most new models allow users to have full access to the Web. Here's how to check your Yahoo! email via your cell phone, so you can read, compose and send email from your Yahoo! account, all on your cell phone.

View Email Usage Instructions on Yahoo! Mobile

Visit the Yahoo! Mobile Web site (see Resources below) and sign in to your account to check your email.

Click the Mail icon (it looks like an envelope).

View the features and click "Learn More."

Input your phone number, including area code, into the form.

Click "Send To My Phone."

Access Yahoo! Email From Your Cell Phone

Check to see if the text message from Yahoo! has arrived on your cell phone. If a message does not arrive, your phone is not Web-enabled.

Use your phone to view the text message.

Follow the brief instructions. To access this information via a shortcut, text "Mail" to 92466 (which spells Yahoo) for the same log-in and mail access process.


  • check If you don't yet have a Yahoo! account, click "Sign Up" on the Yahoo! Mobile homepage to set yours up. Don't worry, it's free.
  • check If you have additional questions, browse through the Yahoo! Mobile Help Section.
  • check You can also sign up for text-message alerts whenever your Yahoo! account receives an email. Visit the Yahoo! Mobile Help Section for all the details.


  • close Just because your phone is capable of sending and receiving emails doesn't automatically mean it's enabled. Make sure your calling plan supports these actions as well.
  • close Yahoo! Mobile requires you to enter personal information. Study the Privacy Policy before using Yahoo! Mobile to verify your rights.
  • close To find out how Yahoo! expects you to use the service, view the Terms of Use.

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