How to Check Windstream DSL Speed

By James Wright

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Windstream Communications is a company that provides high-speed Internet, telephone and digital TV services. The speed of your Internet will vary depending on what plan you have purchased from the company, how close you are to your nearest data center and how much bandwidth is available on your network. Windstream has a utility on its website that allows you to check the speed of your Internet.

Step 1

Turn on your computer and open the web browser of your choice. The utility functions the same no matter what browser you are using.

Step 2

Visit the Windstream Speed Test website (see Resources). The site may take some time to load, so don't try to close your browser if it appears to freeze right away.

Step 3

Click the button in the first window that says, "Click to Start Capacity Speed Test." The tool will then measure your download and upload speed. After a few moments the test will be complete, and you will be given a summary of your Internet speed.