How to Check My Windows Certificate of Authenticity

by Adam Parker

According to the Windows Genuine Advantage program, more than 60 million computers are running a pirated copy of Windows. That translates to one in every five computers running a counterfeit copy of Windows. It is possible to verify a Certificate of Authenticity (COA) through Microsoft to ensure that your operating system is genuine.


Review Microsoft’s guidelines to identity a genuine Certificate of Authenticity. Under optimal circumstances, do this before purchasing a new copy of Windows.


Use the Genuine Microsoft Software tool to validate the Windows product key from the Certificate of Authenticity.


Report a suspicious Certificate of Authenticity or product key to Microsoft through the How to Tell web page (see Resources).


  • check Always purchase Windows software from reputable sources.
  • check Ensure that the purchased software license matches the intended use. For example, only specific individuals and organizations can use academic licenses.


  • close Professionally counterfeited copies of Windows can look extremely realistic. Microsoft maintains a gallery of counterfeits for reference on its How to Tell web page (see Resources).

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