How to Check Voicemail on a Sprint Phone

By Robert Schrader

Voice mail is standard with most wireless phone services.
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Sprint is one of the major cell phone providers in the United States and offers a wide variety of cell phones and service plans to customers across the nation. If you've recently become a Sprint customer, you may be so inundated with information that you've forgotten how to complete the simplest tasks on your phone, such as checking voice mail messages others have left you. Doing so is extremely easy--in fact, it requires only the push of a single button.

Step 1

Press and hold down the "1" key on your phone. Doing so will cause your phone to dial your voice mail automatically.

Step 2

Access your Sprint voice mail using your phone's navigation menus. Click the "Menu" button, open the "Messaging" menu, select "Voicemail" and then click your phone's "Talk" button.

Step 3

Dial your ten-digit phone number if you're calling from a phone other than your Sprint phone. Press the "*" key and then input your voicemail pass code.