How to Check Voice Mail on an iPhone

by Ashley Donohoe

The iPhone comes with a feature called Visual Voicemail that allows you to select the voice you wish to hear. It displays the caller's phone number and the time of the call on the voice mail application, but does not require you listen to the message. This application lets you play, pause, reply to and delete messages. In addition, the iPhone offers an alternate method for checking your voice mail if you do not have direct access to your phone.


Tap "Phone" on the bottom of your iPhone's screen and tap "Voicemail."


Tap the voice mail you want to hear and tap the "Play" icon on the left of the phone number to play the message.


Tap "Delete" if you want to delete the message, or tap "Call Back" if you want to dial the number that left the message.


  • check You can check your iPhone voice mail from another phone by calling your phone number, pressing "*" at the greeting, entering your password and pressing "#."

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