How to Check Verizon Phone Messages

By Maya Walker

Notification is received on your Verizon mobile phone for new messages.
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As a Verizon Wireless or home phone customer, you can check your phone messages directly from your handset. When you are unable to answer your phone or your phone line is busy, callers can leave a short voice message. You can retrieve messages left by callers at any time by accessing the voice mail system. The process to check phone messages varies for Wireless and home phone customers.


Press "*86" on your Verizon Wireless phone's handset.

Press the "Send" key and enter your password when prompted.

Listen to your messages and press the "End" key when you are finished.

Home Phone

Dial your system access number from your Verizon home phone. You received the system access number when you first set up service with Verizon.

Enter your pass code to access the voice mail menu.

Press "1" on your phone's handset to listen to messages.