How to Check Uverse Voicemail

by Si Kingston

AT&T U-Verse provides cable, Internet and telephone products. U-Verse Voice encompasses the telephone-related services. As a subscriber, you have the option of setting up a U-Verse voicemail. U-Verse voicemail can be accessed from an AT&T phone, from another phone or online. You will have to enter a PIN or password to protect your privacy when accessing the voicemail from another phone or from online.

Check U-Verse voicemail from home. Dial *98 and follow the prompts to listen, skip, save or delete the messages.

Check U-Verse voicemail away from home. Dial your AT&T phone number. Press the "*" key when the voicemail greeting begins to play. Enter the PIN when prompted. Follow the prompts to listen, skip, save and delete the voicemail messages.

Check U-Verse voicemail messages online. Go to AT&T's U-Verse Central page. Enter your account ID and password in the corresponding fields and hit "Log In." Select the "AT&T U-Verse Voice" option. Click "Check Voicemail" to listen to your messages.


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