How to Check Upload & Download Speed

By Contributor

Updated May 08, 2020

Internet Service Providers, or ISPs, are the companies that provide your Internet service. The speed of your Internet connection depends primarily on the type of service or plan you signed up for; usually, higher speed connections equate to a larger monthly bill. If you want to make sure that your ISP is providing you the Internet speed that you are paying for, test the speed of your Internet connection by using online services. The higher the download and upload speeds, the faster your Internet connection will be.

Launch your preferred Web browser. Access the SpeedTest website to measure the download and upload speed (see Resources). Select a city and click “Go.” This will run the test.

SpeedTest Internet speed test.

After the test has run, you will see results for both download and upload speed. It's common for download speed to be significantly faster than upload.

Download and upload speed results from SpeedTest.

Navigate to the Speakeasy website to evaluate the speed of your Internet connection (see Resources). Click on a location to begin the speed test.

Speakeasy Internet speed test.

Go to the Bandwidthpace website to measure the speed of your Internet connection (see Resources). Next, click “Start Test” to determine the speed of your Internet connection.

Bandwidthspace Internet speed test.