How to Check for Updates in Microsoft Office

By Ryan Menezes

Microsoft Update will run in the background and update Office.
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Microsoft Office used to demand manual updates. Users periodically ran the program "Windows Update," which searched the Internet for the updates. Microsoft has since revised Windows Update, which now finds, downloads and installs program updates without any user action.

If you have not activated Windows Update, turn it on immediately. Then download the additional Microsoft Update component, which downloads updates from Microsoft Office.

Run Windows Update from your Start menu's program list.

Click "Automatically search for Windows updates." Wait for the program's initial update search to finish.

Click on "Find out more" next to "Search for updates for other Microsoft products." This will launch your browser and open the Microsoft Update web page.

Click the check box to accept the license agreement and click "Install." When you've finished downloading the new component, Windows Update will run in front of the other windows.

Click "Install" when the program has found updates. Windows will update Office automatically from now on.