How to Check Text Messages Online With Verizon

By Michelle Carvo

Updated October 20, 2017

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You can check text messages online with Verizon if you use Verizon's dedicated Verizon Messages service. If you do not want to use this service then you will find that there are other options for checking your text messages on your computer.

Verizon Messages (Message+)

Verizon Messages, also known as Message+, is a free text message service provided by Verizon to its subscribers. With Verizon Message+ you can view text messages from multiple devices including Android and iOS devices as well as Windows and Mac computers. You can set up Message+ by downloading the app on your phone and signing in with your Verizon login credentials. You can then access your text messages on any other device by signing in with these same login credentials. Message+ also allows you to make and receive voice calls on a tablet device, as well as share your current location with others.

Verizon iPhones & iMessage

If you do not want to use Verizon Message+ on your iPhone then you can use the Messages app, sometimes called iMessage, to view your text messages from your iOS device or computer. Messages is compatible with the iPhone, iPad, iPod and Mac computers. You won't be able to view your iMessages from a Windows computer, however, so if you do not have a Mac computer then you may want to use Message+ instead.

With Messages you can send and receive texts across multiple devices. You can also set up incoming calls to come through the iPhone's FaceTime service so that these can be answered on your Mac computer.

Verizon Android Devices & Third-Party Apps

Verizon Android users have options beyond the Message+ service. MySMS is a free texting app that allows you to check and send text messages from your Android phone as well as from any web browser on your computer. MySMS offers a paid upgrade that enables you to schedule messages to be sent at a later time, backup and restore texts and sync your SMS messages to other phones.

Another option is MightyText, which is also free and allows you to send and receive texts from your phone as well as your browser.

You can also use the free AirDroid app which enables you to sync your texts between your Android phone and your computer. AirDroid offers a premium service that will allow you to use the service on an unlimited number of devices as well as get unlimited file transfer and a number of other features that aren't available on the free version of the app.

Pulse is one more Android app option for checking text messages from your computer or other device. As with MightyText and MySMS, Pulse is meant to replace your current texting app. You will need to pay for the premium version of the app to use it for texting from your tablet or computer, however.

Verizon Phones & Third-Party Secondary Numbers

One final option to consider for checking text messages from your computer is using a secondary number and app. With a secondary number, your texts aren't exclusively tied to your phone, so you can check your texts from any device. Google Voice is a free service that offers a secondary number with texting and calling capabilities that can be accessed from any web browser, iOS or Android device. Sideline and TextFree are two other third-party secondary number options worth considering.