How Do I Check My State Email Account in Missouri?

by Tiffany Raiford
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In Missouri, state employees are given email accounts to use for business purposes. Educators, politicians, and other state employees all have business email addresses in Missouri. Depending on where you work, your email address is accessible by logging into the government's email system. Government officials can access their email accounts by visiting the Missouri Office of Administration website.

Step 1

Go to the Missouri Office of Administration website and click on the "Email -- Web Access" link under the "At Work -- On the Road" section.

Step 2

View the Office Outlook Web Access page that appears. Choose from the options and questions asked of you, such as whether you are using your private computer or a public computer and whether or not you want to change your password once you are logged into your email account.

Enter your username and password and click "Log On." Check your email and log out of your account before closing down the computer you are using.


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