How to Check Sidekick Email

by Andrew Smith

The T-Mobile Sidekick is one of the most popular hand-held Internet email devices (and a cool cellular phone). Unfortunately, there may come a time when your Sidekick is broken, lost or even stolen. This can be very frustrating, as nobody likes to be separated from his email. Luckily, you can still check your Sidekick email without your phone. By logging onto the My T-Mobile website, you can check your email without any problems.

Visit the My T-Mobile website by following the link in Resources.

Log into your account by entering your info in the boxes at the top right of the home page. This will take you to the main screen for your personal account.

Click the "Desktop Interface" link. From there, you will be able to read any emails and see any pictures that have been saved to your phone. You can even compose and send emails from here. Files that are saved to a memory card will not be visible in your desktop interface.


  • check You must register at My T-Mobile before you can check your Sidekick email.

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