How to Check Your Road Runner Email Account Online

By Maya Walker

Road Runner email users can check email at any time from any location.
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Time Warner cable customers who receive Internet services through the company are able to subscribe to the company's email service. Time Warner's email service, Road Runner, provides users with a personal email account and several additional accounts that may be used by other household members. If you are unable to check your Road Runner email while at home, you can still access your email account online through a web browser. You can still manage your email in the same manner as you would at home when accessing it through the browser.

Access the Road Runner website and click "Mail" in the top menu.

Enter your email address in "Email" field. If you do not remember your email address, click the "Forgot Your Road Runner Email Address" link and enter the 10-digit telephone number associated with your account.

Enter your password in the appropriate field and click "Log In." If you have forgotten your password, click the "Forgot Your Road Runner Email Password" link and enter your email address. You will need also to provide the 10-digit phone number associated with the account before you can reset the password.