How to Check a Printer's Print Jobs

by Grace Ferguson

When you use the computer for research or to prepare a document, you also may need to print the information. Once you have actually sent the message to your printer to print the document, it goes into the printer queue for processing. If you are printing many documents, you may need to ensure that the printer received all of them. Or if the printer is not responding, you can check the status of the print jobs. There is a general way to check your printer’s print jobs.

Step 1

Go to your computer’s Control Panel and select the “Printers” icon.

Step 2

Find and double-click on the printer you printed the document to. All the printers that are connected to your computer will be displayed on this screen.

Search the queue for the print jobs. The queue will have all the documents that are scheduled to print in the order they were received. It also will show you the number of pages and the status of the print job such as “Printing” or “Paused.”


  • To pause or cancel the print job, click on the appropriate queue heading such as “Document” to locate the prompt. There should be a “Pause” and a “Cancel” option. To pause or cancel all the print jobs, find the appropriate heading; there should be an option for you to cancel all the documents and to pause printing.

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Brought to you by Techwalla

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