How to Check on a Postal Package

by Tiffany Raiford

Anyone can check on the status of a postal package provided the package was shipped using a method of delivery that includes a tracking number. Tracking numbers are provided on postal receipts. If you ordered something and want to check on the status of your package, obtain the tracking number of your package. It is common for those that make purchases online to receive the tracking number of a package via email from the shipper; otherwise you may have to call the shipper to obtain the tracking number.

Locate the tracking number of your package by checking the shipment confirmation email you received regarding the package -- or call the shipper to request the number.

Visit the U.S. Postal Service website to check the shipment status of your package. Click on the "Track and Confirm" link.

Type the tracking number of your package in the box provided. Click "Track" to view the status of your package. If no information is currently available you can re-enter the tracking number to ensure you did not make a mistake or you can check back at a later time. The Postal Service requires time to update tracking information before it becomes available online.

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