How to Check Outgoing Phone Calls From a Home Phone

By Christina Whitaker

Use your home telephone service instead of your cellular phone when at home.
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Even with the advent of cellular technology, many prefer to use home phone service to make and receive calls. Home telephone service is not dependent on network coverage or available anytime minutes, which are benefits of maintaining a home phone service. To check calls made on your home phone line, use a copy of your phone bill, which will also detail calls made and received to your home line.

Obtain a copy of your phone bill. You may request one from your phone company by contacting the customer service department. To do so, provide the name the service is registered under, home address and telephone number of the service. Be sure to request that a detailed breakdown of all calls made be included with the bill.

Turn your phone bill to the "Details" or similarly labeled section. This may be located at the back of your bill after the "charges owed" section.

Locate the "outgoing calls" column to locate all outgoing calls made on your home phone. All calls made from your home phone will be listed here. The list may include the phone number and city to which the call was made.