How to Check Other Email Accounts With Yahoo! Mail

by Contributor

These days most people have an email account. Many people find it handy to have two, three or even more email accounts. It can become burdensome to have to check all of these accounts every day, but the consequences of not checking them can be worse. Here's a solution. Check all of your email accounts with your Yahoo! email account.

Open the email account that you want Yahoo! to check for you. For example, if you have a Bell South email account, open that account.

Go to the "Options" menu. On some email accounts, these are the "Preferences." Open the "Options" menu.

Scroll down to the area that says "Forwarding" or "Forwarding Addresses." It may be worded a little differently for each email account, but basically you see an area to send emails to another account.

Choose "Forwarding," and a blank box appears. Type your Yahoo! email address into that box. Make sure you spelled it correctly.

Select one of the following options: "Forward and Delete" or "Forward and Keep a Copy." "Forward and Delete" forwards the email to Yahoo! without keeping a copy on the other email server. The latter option keeps copies of the emails on the server as well as on Yahoo!.

Close out of "Options." You now should be able to check all of your email from your Yahoo email account.

Test your email by sending a message to yourself. Open your Yahoo! email, and you should see your email. When you open this email, it may say sent to "," but it shows up in Yahoo!. It can also show up at the other email, if you selected that option earlier.