How to Check the Original Creation Date of a Domain

By Joe Murray

Know where to look for domain data.
i Robert Churchill/iStock/Getty Images

Knowing the original creation date of a domain is useful for a copyright or trademark investigation, to trace the lineage of the domain name itself or just to satisfy your curiosity. Several websites supply this information, but the easiest way to remember where to look is to ask yourself, “who is” that website.

Find the Website

Enter “” in the URL location box in your browser. In the upper right corner of the home page is a text box next to a button labeled “Whois Lookup.”

Find the Creation Date

Type the complete name of the domain you are looking for including the suffix of dot com, net, org or any of the latest suffixes. Click the “Whois Lookup” button. On the displayed "Whois" page, the Creation Date of the domain is identified in the Registry section. Further down the page, you may find Registrar data; however, this is sometimes hidden or “privatized.”

Other Sources

Domain name data is also found on the following websites: However, is by far the easiest solution.