How to Check a Missed Call Number

By Mandy Slake

If you've ever missed a call and seen an unfamiliar number pop up on the screen of your phone, you may have wondered who it was from. Before the Internet, the only way to find out was to call the number back. Now if you have the number, you can find out information such as the organization or person who owns the number and possibly the location.

Check the call history on your phone. Digital land line phones and cell phones keep a log of incoming calls. Your phone should store the number, as long as the caller has not blocked the caller ID.

Write down the number using a pen and paper if you received the number on a land line phone with a cord on the handset.

Open your computer's Web browser and go to a website offering reverse number lookup services. Some charge for looking up the info, but others are free. You can find a few free services listed under Resources.

Enter the area code and phone number of the missed call. Don't include a "1" in front.

Press "Search" or "Find" to locate information on the number.