How do I Check My Messages From a Landline on T-Mobile?

by Rob Kemmett

If your T-Mobile cell phone runs out of battery power, isn’t getting a signal or you left it at home, use a landline to check your voicemail. T-Mobile customers are able to access their voicemail from third-party phone lines by calling their cell phone number and entering the voicemail menu. Before checking your voicemail from a landline, have your T-Mobile voicemail password ready.


Input your T-Mobile cell phone number from a landline. Let the cell phone ring until the voicemail initiates.


Press the star (*) key on the landline phone.


Input your T-Mobile voicemail password to access your voicemail messages. This password was chosen when you initially set up your voicemail account. If you have a voicemail, it will automatically begin to play. If you do not have any voicemails, you will hear an audio recording informing you that you have no new messages.


Press "1" to rewind the message six seconds. Press "2" to pause the message. Press "3" to fast forward the message six seconds. Press "4" to slow down or "6" to speed up the speed of the message. Press "7" to delete the message and play the next message. Press "9" to skip the message and play the next message without deleting the first. Press "#" to save the message so you can listen to it later.

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